The Golden Visa in Spain is a residence permit granted to a person outside the European Union (UE) and their family for the acquisition of real estate with a value equal to or greater than €500.000 in Spain.
Principales Advantages of the Golden Visa:
You can submit your request directly in Spain.
You do not have to respect a minimum stay in Spain.
The Golden Visa allows all family members to enjoy all the benefits at the same time (not only for the wife and children but also for parents over 65 and children over 18).
You have a work permit.
You and your family can travel to countries in the Schengen area without restrictions and without the need for other visas.
The initial residence permit is for two years and will be renewed for five years.
The conditions for renewing residency as an investor are as follows:
* Maintain or exceed the initial investment.
* Demonstrate that you still have the necessary economic resources to continue living in Spain.
* Maintain medical insurance.
No tax declaration in Spain as long as you do not exceed a stay in the country of 183 days.
Family members will be able to access Spanish public or private education, from basic education to higher education.
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